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what is spagetti code

Spaghetti code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Spaghetti code is a pejorative term for source code that has a complex and tangled control structure, especially one using many GOTOs, exceptions, threads, .

What is spaghetti code? - Definition from Whatis.com
Spaghetti code is a derogatory term for computer programming that is unnecessarily convoluted, and particularly programming code that uses frequent .

Spaghetti code - Computer Hope
Spaghetti code computer dictionary definition and information.

What spaghetti code looks like
An example of spaghetti code and what to do about it.

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terminology - What is spaghetti code? - Stack Overflow
Oct 12, 2008 . Can you post a short example of real, overdone spaghetti code, possibly saying what it does? Can you show me a little debugger's nightmare?

Spaghetti Code - SourceMaking
The Spaghetti Code AntiPattern is the classic and most famous AntiPattern; it has existed in one form or another since the invention of programming languages.

Urban Dictionary: spaghetti code
In computer programming, code which flagrantly violates the principles of structured, procedural programming. Usually this means using lots of GOTO...

Spaghetti Code
Feb 24, 2012 . Code in which control flow is tangled up like Spaghetti. ...and one of . See also: http://www.catb.org/~esr/jargon/html/S/spaghetti-code.html .

Zaemis: Spaghetti Code Considered Harmful
May 15, 2011 . But spaghetti isn't so appetizing to a programmer. The phrase "spaghetti code" is an all-too-common pejorative we programmers use to .

What is Spaghetti Code? - Definition from Techopedia.com
Spaghetti Code Definition - Spaghetti code is a slang term used to refer to a tangled web of programming source code where control within a program...

C# Spaghetti Code
This C# article describes spaghetti code and provides some examples.

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Spaghetti code - What is Spaghetti code
Define Spaghetti code - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at About.com.

Your templating engine sucks and everything you have ever written ...
Nov 26, 2011 . Spaghetti code is a really old term dating back to the days of goto statements and the transition from unstructured to structured programming .

Spaghetti Code at Perl Design Patterns Wiki
Jan 20, 2004 . Just as it is almost impossible to untangle a plate of spaghetti, code with no visible structure and no logical structure is daunting. Structured .

Spaghetti code...
Spaghetti code is a pejorative term for source code which has a complex and tangled control structure, especially one using many GOTOs, .

Spaghetti Code Podcasts
Spaghetti Code is a online series consisting of podcast interviews, technical screencasts, and online articles focused on issues and technologies that are of .

What is "Spaghetti code"? - Stack Overflow
May 3, 2010 . This is the earliest reference I know of the spaghetti code simile. It's from Program Style, Design, Efficiency, Debugging, and Testing (1974) by .

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LAME is a library that allows some programs to encode MP3 files. For more information about LAME in general, click here. LAME is free, but in some countries .

Code Renaissance: The New Spagetti Code: Indirection
Jul 28, 2008 . Traditionally when the term Spaghetti-Code was thrown around you would hear talk of goto statements. If this, goto line number (or label)... and .

Spaghetti Code - TI-Basic Developer
Spaghetti code is the unofficial name given to code that heavily relies on Goto/Lbl for its structure and organization. Where the spaghetti name comes from is that .

What does Spaghetti code actually look like? - Quora
May 7, 2011 . Since I'm a novice programmer, I'm probably writing some spaghetti code, but I'd like to see examples of it to fight against it. Do you have an .

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What does spaghetti code mean? - spaghetti code Definition ...
This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of spaghetti code is. The slang word / phrase / acronym spaghetti code means... . Online Slang .

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Spaghetti code | Define Spaghetti code at Dictionary.com
spaghetti code definition. programming. A pejorative term for code with a complex and tangled control structure, especially one using many GOTOs, exceptions, .

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Spaghetti Code - DevIQ
Spaghetti Code Featured in the 2012 Software Craftsmanship AntiPatterns calendar, Spaghetti Code refers to that has a tangled and hard to follow structure, .


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