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repulsive forces in the universe

Dark energy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Inflation postulates that some repulsive force, qualitatively similar to dark energy, resulted in an enormous and exponential expansion of the universe slightly .

Repulsive force - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Repulsive force. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Repulsive force may refer to: A repulsive force of an Accelerating universe, .

Physics News Update Number 361 - Story A REPULSIVE FORCE IN ...
A REPULSIVE FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE seems to be at work on a cosmic scale, at least partly neutralizing the attractive force of gravity. Astronomers have .

GRAVITY AS A REPULSIVE FORCE: The New Copernican Shift ...
If gravity is a repulsive and not an attractive force (the resultant of the forces exerted by all the material objects in the universe seeking to occupy as large a space .

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Troubled Times: Repulsion Force
In September, 1995 ZetaTalk stated that gravity is balanced by a Repulsion Force ; scientists learned in March, 1998 that the Universe is expanding due to what .

Repulsion Force
Stellar repulsion is the dominating force of the universe. It is possible to utilise solar repulsion force for interplanetary space navigation under the new space .

Repulsive Universe
...they have detected the first strong evidence that the universe is permeated by a repulsive force, the opposite of gravity. ...this force is a property of the vacuum .

repulsive force - definition of repulsive force by the Free Online ...
Some theories of dark energy suggest that the repulsive force associated with this mystery substance may grow stronger with time, causing the universe to end .

Quintessence, accelerating the Universe?
Shouldn't the force of gravity, the great attractor, keep the universe from flying apart? . theory of relativity dictates, would have a gravitationally repulsive force.

ASTRONOMY: Exploding Stars Point to a Universal Repulsive Force ...
Jan 3, 2007 . A preliminary analysis may provide the first strong evidence that the universe could be permeated by a large-scale repulsive force.

Accelerating Universe,rate Of Acc Data Needed
In my model the repulsive dark energy force (I dislike this term) is much smaller in a young universe than the attractive gravitational force.

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Particle Physics News
A REPULSIVE FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE seems to be at work on a cosmic scale, at least partly neutralizing the attractive force of gravity. News Stories .

Centrifugal cosmological repulsive force in a homogeneous universe
Mar 21, 2011 . Abstract: We study the dynamics of homogeneous isotropic three-dimensional worlds filled with radiation (3R-worlds). It is shown that the .

Expanding Universe
For the first 7 bln years after the big bang the expansion of the universe slowed down because the attractive gravitational forces were stronger than this repulsive .

Dark energy expands and contracts universe | COSMOS magazine
Dec 18, 2008 . Einstein hypothesised that a repulsive force in space could explain the universe's equilibrium with the force of gravity. Without such a contrary .

gravity - Can we model gravitation as a repulsive force? - Astronomy ...
Aug 5, 2011 . The fact that objects move a lot in the universe and that the universe is expanding , can imply that gravity is a repulsive force that increases with .

a repulsive force
Apr 13, 2010 . I think one cannot discern an accelerating, expanding universe from a steady- state universe with this cosmological constant repulsive force .

On the Beginning of the Universe | Dr. Mendel Sachs
Under the conditions of sufficiently high matter density and relative speeds, the repulsive force dominates, leading to the expansion of the universe. When matter .

Perfect Cosmological Principle
He parameterized this force introducing the Lambda parameter, to represent an unknown repulsive force which permeated the Universe. Einstein made this .

Review:Magnetic Universe Theory Of Science - PESWiki
Feb 14, 2012 . The universe is asymmetrical with many more positrons than electrons. Positive repulsive forces between positrons push the expansion of the .

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Forces, the Universe
It would seem that global spacetime of the universe is divided into quanta called . All these protons make a repulsive Coulomb Force between them, which .

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A Repulsive Force of Gravity? - Science - HowStuffWorks
Aug 25, 2009 . The night sky is filled with lighttens of thousands of stars that we can see with the unaided eye, and billions more that become visible with the .

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Dark Energy Video
For the first 7 bln years after the big bang the expansion of the universe slowed down because the attractive gravitational forces were stronger than this repulsive .


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