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audio tube bias current

What is the Bias Point
It would be GREAT if tubes were rated by their individual bias voltage. Actually most companies that sell "matched" tubes usually print the bias current the tube .

Biasing Power Tubes
May 31, 2005 . It is generally a good idea to check the power tube bias each time . If the power tube bias is incorrect for the power tubes being used, they can sound bad . Using a digital multi-meter, determine the cathode current using this .

Vacuum Tube Audio Circuit of the Month
Check out SE Amp CAD, Tube CAD, and Audio Gadgets and see what you can . As the output tubes age or are replaced with fresh new tubes, the bias current .

Bias King Bias and Matching Twin Meter For Sale
Any time you replace power audio tubes the bias of your amp should be . Turn on the amp, then check and adjust the bias current balance using the lab grade .

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Alessandro Bias and Matching Twin Meter For Sale
Any time you replace power audio tubes the bias of your amp should be checked . Turn on the amp, then check and adjust the bias current balance using the .

Hammond Mfg. - Audio - Tube Driver Transformer - (124 - 126 Series)
"Classic" Audio Tube Driver - Interstage Transformers . Part No. Audio Watts. Primary. Secondary. Inductance. Rated D.C.. Bias Current. Dimensions (Inches) .

OTL A or AB - Transcendent Sound
They are the grid bias, alternating grid voltages (the audio drive signal), and the plate current in the output tube (or tubes for push-pull.) In all amplifiers, the grid .

What is Bias?
If the output tubes are under-biased (idle current is set too HIGH), the audio signal will tend to distort earlier and the tube life will be shortened. This condition is .

Adjusting the Bias Of Your Amp [English] - TNT-Audio
The other is routinely used to adjust the bias or quiescent current - the . In addition to this, their audio operation will be rather poor, as they will be well in their .

The Midwest Sound » TUBEFARM
Tubefarm is a neat little branch of The Midwest Sound that .

Cary Audio Design - Customer Support : Glossary of Terms
Each output power tube needs a certain bias current to keep it .

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Merren Audio - ECHOPLEX TAPE ECHO & Reel-to-Reel INFO and ...
The Erase head may not have enough AC bias current to print over the recorded . Tube units can vary from 50kHz to 70kHz depending on the year of the model .

Mar 13, 2012 . Bias protection for over-current of the 300B is provided by the multiple voltage . So far the sound is excellent… all it needs is a little tube love ;) .

Tube Preamp
Buyers of the Pendulum Audio tube mic/DI preamp may choose between two . All tube preamps have a bias dc current at the signal input of the tube circuit, .

The Tech's Files-Bias Voltages and Tube Amp Maintenance
Jul 1, 2006 . Mix magazine's Eddie Ciletti discusses Bias Voltages and Tube Amp Maintenance. . live sound and production, broadcast production, audio for film and video . The first goal is to optimize plate current so that it's safely within .

DIY Tube Guitar Amp Page
It's not the only way to bias your output tubes, but I think it's the safest and easiest . plate dissipation rating with the audio output power of your amplifier, which is also . In order to determine the actual current draw of an output tube, we can .

DIY 12AX7 Tube preamp
Even order harmonics sound as musical chords (notably octaves), which subjectively . The first design consideration is the tube's idle current and plate voltage. . Cathode bias resistor = Bias voltage / Idle current = 1V/1.35mA = 740 ohm .

Power Tube Matching
Vacuum Tubes for Audio, Music and Radio from BOI AudioWorks. Top » Article . You can adjust the bias so they both idle at the same plate current. But tubes .

Vacuum Tube FAQ | ken-gilbert.com
Dec 12, 2008 . Originally posted on rec.audio.tubes . If the negative bias is sufficiently large, no current will flow in the anode circuit and the triode is said to be .

IF YOUR BIAS CURRENT IS TOO HIGH YOU CAN BLOW THE TUBES, . High- mu power triode for use in Class AB2, Class B, Class C RF, and audio amplifiers.

Why Ice Machines Make Less Ice Than audio tube bias currenty Are Suppose To

Design Methodology
The obvious choice is to use a common low cost audio tube like a 6L6, . how much to turn up the power supply, or the bias current without frying the tubes?

How Ice Machine Salesmen Can Lie To You To Make audio tube bias current Sale

Power Amplifier - K & K Audio - Lundahl Transformers, audio DIY ...
K&K Audio Dynaco Stereo-70 Amplifier Upgrade Kit. "Jillions" of Dynaco . The current sources control the tube bias current rather than the tube. Other tubes that .

Ice Machine Article Directory #1

Biasing Tips - Vintage Tube Amp Repair
Get the tube sound without the tube problems! . Tube Biasing - A Technician's Viewpoint . It is important that this current not exceed the capacity of the tube!


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